Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Chicken Shepherd's Pie

I'm going to admit something that I've never said out loud before. I've never had Shepherd's Pie in my life. That's right, never even tasted it. I've thought about making it, but my husband told me never to make it for him or the kids when they were little. (He obviously had too much of it.)

I'm pretty sure that simply Stacie came up with the perfect recipe using chicken that would make my husband a happy guy and for me to finally get to have my Shepherd's Pie.
I  can't wait to try it!

Have a fabulous Tuesday!


Cranberry Morning said...

I'm going to try that. I haven't made shepherd's pie in way too many years, and it was an old standby in my college days, for I think it was a way they used their leftover mashed potatoes then - not sure. Hope you have a wonderful week, Terri!

Keeper At The Homestead said...

Oh this is mouth watering!!! I'll be trying this soon.