Friday, August 1, 2014

Painted Ladybug Rocks Tic-Tac-Toe with Outside Coasters

I needed coasters for the tables outside on the deck and that led to painted rocks.

I almost forgot the best part. The ladybugs glow in the dark!

I found this paint at Hobby Lobby while I was looking for something else. Had to buy it.

You just mix a little of the glow in the dark paint with each color of paint you are using as you go.
You can see I started with the red and then the black.

Then start adding your dots and eyes.

I've seen the ladybug rocks with lines down the back, too, but I was getting tired of painting rocks when I still hadn't even started on the coasters that I originally was making.

Finally, the coasters.

I bought plain white tiles at Home Depot for 13 cents a piece. On the front I used artificial turf that was left from this pitching mound that Greg and Josh made last year.

The back of the coaster is cork.

Perfect for outside!

When we're not using the coasters, how about a little game of tic-tac-toe?
(Think someone should re-pot that aloe plant to a bigger pot? Yeah, me too.)

Have an awesome weekend!

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

It's a Party! #169

Welcome to the party!

Thank you for taking the time to stop by and link up.

Did you see my post on Monday? Our never-ending front door and railing project is finally finished. Well, almost. We still need to power wash the porch, but for the most part, it's done!

Jordyn, Jace, and I made Chalkboard T-Shirts this past week. They're so fun, I can't believe we haven't made them before now. 

If you missed the features from last week's party this morning, be sure to check them out Here.

Link up anything you want to share with us this week. It can be your fabulous craft, yummy recipe, giveaway, shop, etc.

I'll feature the Top 5 most viewed links next Wednesday. I started a board on Pinterest where I pin all of the fabulous features. You can follow along Here.

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The more the merrier!

We all love comments, so please visit other links and have fun!

Hits of the Party!

It's my favorite day of the week. 

Not only does It's a Party start later today where we can always count on being inspired by all the talent that gets linked up, but we also get to take another look at 5 of the top hits from last week's party!

Here they are:

Birds Nest Pendants

Absolutely adorable!

Vintage Rusty Stuff

I love Judy's Rusty Stuff photo's every Tuesday. I would love to go along with her when she's out with her camera. We just might get ourselves into trouble though, right Judy?

Oreo Summer Freeze Pops

Great idea! The kiddo's and I are going to have to make some of these.

Old T Shirt Pom-Poms

What a great use of old t-shirts! Love it!

Chocolate Pudding Brownie Bowls

Oh my gosh, how cute are those?! I can't wait to make them!

Thank you to everyone who linked up! 

As always, if you were featured, be sure to grab a button from the sidebar if you want.

See you back here later today for this week's party.

Monday, July 28, 2014

It all started with a door...

a simple front door.

Then it snowballed...

into a new storm door, trim, and a new porch railing.

Basically, a new look to the front of our house.

We needed a new front door and this one was on sale at Home Depot.
Greg put it in and then this simple project took on a life of it's own.

It's all pretty on the outside, except for one little problem.

That old ugly wrought iron railing!

It's gotta go!!!

A new vinyl railing was going in. I begged Greg to hire someone to do it because I was afraid he was going to fall off. He told me I was nuts (that's the nice way of saying it)!

Oh, see that green thing in the middle picture? That's our old front door. He put it there so the dog and I wouldn't fall off.

While we were waiting on the stair rails to the railing to be special ordered, we decided we needed a new storm door. Greg worked on it and Gage supervised. 

See that green under the door? That's the green trim that he put in after he installed the storm door.

We ordered the door from Home Depot. It really is pretty nice. That top glass pulls down and the hidden screen comes down. I think I'll love it in the Spring and Fall.

Everything was finally done.

Except for power washing the porch.

It all started with a door.

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Friday, July 25, 2014

Chalkboard T-Shirts

I love summer when the grandkids are out of school and we can spend a lot of time together. When we get cool days, we take advantage of them and do something outside (like the zoo), but on these extremely hot days, we need to find something to do inside.

Painting t-shirts with chalkboard paint was perfect!

I found this fabric chalkboard paint at JoAnn's. They sold the ready made t-shirts, too, but making them ourselves was much more fun.

Jace wanted a tie, so we used tape to mark it off. We used painter's tape and it stuck really well.

They got right to painting. We found the sponge brushes worked the best.

We did a couple of coats of the paint and then let it dry for about 24 hours.

Jordyn wanted a border, so after her oval she painted dried, I cut out a scalloped frame with heat transfer vinyl on the Silhouette and ironed it on.

Let the fun begin. Decorating!
(Jordyn's changed a couple of times.)

(And it changed, again!)
Can you tell they're extremely proud to be a part of Brandon and Christina's wedding in October?
I love this picture!

Happy Friday!

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